Food Allergies


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May 8, 2008
I am a sophmore in high school and have my heart set on the AFA. I am allergic to raw (I can eat cooked) apples, carrots, and cherries. I only react if i eat them, not touch them and have no problems just not eating them. Will this be a DQ? Also, I am currently taking immunotherapy for allergies to mold, dust, and pollen. I can be finished later this year though. Before allergy shots, I took a prescription for my allergies, but the shots have taken care of them.
Allergies to foods will be a disqualification and the chances of a waiver will be dependent on what reactions you have to the food, and what foods cause the reaction. If it is a common food that causes the allergy the chances of a waiver decrease greatly.

As for the allergy immune therapy, as long as you have been off the shots for a year or more at the time of your physical examination, and the treatment is successful (able to be well controlled with medication) it will not be an issue.

Do not take this post as me saying that you should not pursue your dream. You will not know what the chances of a waiver are unless you go through the process. You still have another year before you can even start the application process, and the standards are constantly being changed and revised. If this is your dream you need to go ahead and try, you never know.
How about allergies to a certain kind of medicine?

I'm allergic to amoxicillin, but i am fine for any other kind of penicillin.