Food Question


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Jan 18, 2009
My daughter just received her appointment letter for USMMA. She is quite excited, but she has a question about the food. She wants to know if they have soy milk. She does not eat milk products, so she is wondering what her food options will be.

I've asked around & none seem to recall seeing soy milk in Delano at mealtimes. Not saying that its not there just that the kids don't recall seeing it. They did say that they carry it at the Seafarer but the problem is that Plebes won't be able to purchase things in the cafe until much later in the year.

When INDOC is completed and Plebes are allowed to receive boxes from home, perhaps send her the powdered version so that she could make it herself. I know that doesn't help out now.... :redface:

Congrats on the appointment!
we dont have soy milk here. there is quite a selection of other drinks including coke, cherry coke, root beer, sprite, water, lemon iced tea, iced tea, pink lemonade, lemonade, 2% milk, whole milk, chocolate milk, coffee..etc. i think they do sell soymilk in the seafarer but plebes can not go there until after recognition.