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    Because many of our sons and daughters have completed their applications and now begins "the wait", we're reading with interest and some degree of paranoia the "how do I look" posts and comparing stats to our respective candidates. This will drive you crazy because the process is clearly more than scores and raw numbers.
    Nevertheless, many of us will continue looking and comparing. If you really want an excercise in comparing numbers, look at the posts from last year at this time. Often you can see if the person actually got into the Academy by his or her later posts. However, one that struck me was from a BKNorton3 who posted in Sept 2008 the following:
    GPA: 3.94
    Class Rank: 47 out of 697

    SAT Critical Reading: 670
    SAT Math: 780
    SAT Writing: 610

    ACT English: 33
    ACT Math: 32
    ACT Reading: 34
    ACT SR: 30
    ACT Combined English/Writing: 30
    ACT Composite: 32

    Varsity Cross Country for 3 years, JV Track 3 years (Captain 1 year), Mock Trial Witness and Attorney

    The posts go into April 2009, but never say whether he or she got accepted. Does anyone know what happened?
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    BKNorton3 states (in a post on April 5th) that he received an appointment to the USAFA.

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