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    First, I'm sorry. We were there a year ago. Once you regroup and you are ready to get busy, contact your RC and ask the tough questions: Where do I need to improve? What should I do to increase my chances for next year? After you hear back from your RC, do everything he/she says (whether you agree or not). Ask specifically which classes to take in college. Ask how many hours you need to take. Your RC is there to help you--listen to him/her! Their advice should trump anything you read in any forum, unless posted by someone in West Point admissions.
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    For those who have received the QNS, I feel for you. Like many have said, have a Plan B and work it the same time as Plan A. Have your pity party, but before you do limit yourself, and then refocus and push hard, press forward with a new plan and goals. If you plan on reapplying make sure your moving forward with you education and attend college. Take courses that are similar to Plebe year, the math, sciences with labs, college writing, language. Or look into a civil prep school which will help you focus. Improve, improve , improve those ACT/SAT scores.

    Its not the end of the world, you will find success in life!!

    Push Hard, Press Forward
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