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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by Damarkodixon, Sep 9, 2015.

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    So I used to be a Cadet @ the academy but I had to leave( NOT BY CHOICE) due to academic difficulties. I plan on applying for readmission, hopefully successfully, and was wondering if anyone knows of someone who was in the same position that got readmitted so that i could get some insight. Thanks a ton!
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    Damarkodixon - have you spoken to your ALO, yet? I'm sure the ALOs on this site will also be helpful, but I'd hit him/her up, too.

    It shows real commitment to try again. I honestly, fervently hope you get a 2nd chance!
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    I believe there was someone in the class of 2010 or maybe -11 who was in similar shoes.

    Can you show that you are now willing and able to make the grade academically? (not our business, of course)
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    When I was at USNA I knew of about 6 folks who were either kicked out or left on their own that reapplied and got back in. I think what they did outside of USNA is what got them back in. They found USNA alumni and officers to mentor them, they performed extremely well at their colleges and made their case to anyone and everyone who would listen. I think the bottom line since yours was academics is what will you have done to fix this issue? I think your grades at a university are the thing that you must nail in order to show that this will not be a problem and even have a shot. I think its not only grades, but showing time management skills and having great grades while volunteering, working, etc. Talk to an ALO and admissions, lay the ground work now for what might be a 1-2 process to show you can return and thrive at USAFA.
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