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    I was wondering if anyone out there knows much about the foundation schools. I have applied to USNA and have been told by my regional officer that I am being strongly considered for either a NAPS or a Foundation school appointment. Does anyone know if one is necessarily better than the other aside from the fact that naps is free. Do they both have a good success rate of gaining admissions to a Service Academy? Also, is anyone familiar with MMI? Thanks for any input.
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    Here's the complete list:

    Participating Schools and Institutions

    Avon Old Farms School, Avon, Connecticut
    Blair Academy, Blairstown, New Jersey
    Greystone Prep School at Schreiner University, Kerrville, Texas
    Hargrave Military Academy, Chatham, Virginia
    The Hill School, Pottstown, Pennsylvania
    The Hun School of Princeton, Princeton, New Jersey
    Kent School, Kent, Connecticut
    The Kiski School, Saltsburg, Pennsylvania
    The Marion Military Institute, Marion, Alabama
    The Mercersburg Academy, Mercersburg, Pennsylvania
    New Mexico Military Institute, Roswell, New Mexico
    Northfield Mount Hermon School, Northfield, Massachusetts
    Northwestern Preparatory School, Crestline, California
    The Peddie School, Hightstown, New Jersey
    Portsmouth Abbey School, Portsmouth, Rhode Island
    Salisbury School, Salisbury, Connecticut
    Valley Forge Military Junior College, Wayne, Pennsylvania
    Western Reserve Academy, Hudson, Ohio
    Wyoming Seminary, Kingston, Pennsylvania
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    It appears the foundation school program has an excellent success rate. It's much smaller and seems more athlete oriented. Here''s some info I found:
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    Even though I'm AF, I go to NMMI and we have I think 3 sponsored USNA preps here. It's a pretty good school if you can deal with all the "ARMY HOOYAH" of the place. I'd recommend looking into it!
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    My DS is also an AF Falcon Foundation Scholar. He choose NWP out in California and got a lot of out the experience. The majority of sponsored prepsters are Falcons, but out of the 93 this year, there were something like 8 Navy Foundation students and probably a few more Navy free agents that were not sponsored. Sponsored NWP student's have a very good track record of getting an appointment the next year. Mr. And Mrs. Durbeck run the school, are great with the students, and know what it takes to be an effective Navy officer as their daughter and son are both AD Navy officers and they have NWP grads in just about every career field in the Navy and Marines.

    I recommend checking out the school online and giving them a call. This is their downtime since they have finished with the 2011 class as the school is just one semester long. The second semester is done at home at a local university or junior college. Feel free to PM me with any other questions.

    Lastly, know that an offer to either NAPS or a Foundation Prep school is great. It is the closest thing you can get to a guarantee for an appointment next year and you will gain all kinds of skills, confidence, and friends that will help you at the Academy.

    Here are some NWP links:
    Main website
    2011 Newsletter

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