Four Degree Class Selection


Mar 18, 2017
I am a 2021 appointee and have been looking at majors. I have a couple ideas but and I am wondering if freshman get any say in the classes they take freshman year. I would like to choose classes that a common between the majors I am considering to knock out as many required classes as I can before I make a final decision later in the academic year.

Thanks for any help.
Just a parent and advise that there will be a time after possibly some placement tests to speak to an academic adviser who will be able to help. Enjoy the time left & stay in shape!
Why don't you ask Hoodum 15 under their Current Cadet Answers post?
Why don't you ask Hoodum 15 under their Current Cadet Answers post?
Look at That! Omnipotent! Lol. You will have minimal flex in your schedule the first year. However, my understanding is they are changing a lot of the curriculum for your class so I might be wrong. Regardless, you will be taking pretty much all mandatory classes your first year and if you validate multiple classes you will most likely just be knocking out mandatory 3 degree classes. Likely the only major related choice you might have to make is whether to take calc 3 or not. That class typically tracks cadets into tech majors versus non-tech majors. Don't worry, you'll have time to figure out your major and start major specific classes your 3 degree year.

Also, Wishful is right that you'll get an academic advisor that will help you with class scheduling and major choice.