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Jun 9, 2006
Bet you guys think I'm spamming here BUT my kid tells me that there is a new free music website that is pretty awesome. The USMMA kids received an email about it. You've got to have an .edu email address to download. Didn't know if other academy kids knew about it so thought I'd throw it out there.
you were so going to get the ban JM, I just knew I was going to click here and see spamalot. oh well, no fun for me this time.
El banno for youo, lol just kidding, nice find
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LOL Yep, I'll be finding the best mortgage rate next time. :shake:
I figured the link wasn't reaaaallly a spam since the academy generated an email about it to the Mids. But I love the title of the thread: FREE MUSIC! Even threw my own self off for a second. Nothing like banning yourself by accident!