freshmen year


Aug 20, 2017
Hi so im in my junior year of highschool right now and im going to start applying to USMA as soon as January comes around. I wanted to go to USMA for a while but during my freshmen year in highschool i know that i slacked off. I still got majority As but i got a lot more Bs than now. I also didnt take as hard classes. In my junior year i am taking 3 Ap and 3 honors classes. I was wondering if my freshmen year will affect me when they look at my transcript. I know i can get my GPA up. Thanks for the info input guys/girls and i hope you all have a wonderful day.
Don't worry about your freshman year since there is nothing you can do about it anyway. Also, I doubt very much it will hurt you. Many freshman take easier courses. Hell, they're freshman. Also, there are plenty of people out there who would kill for a year of A's and B's. Put it behind you. You can always spin it in an interview as adjusting to high school and working hard to improve since then.
Thanks so much for the info, cant wait to apply for sle and west point. Also hoping to make boys state. Have a good day