Future Burke tin can named after Corpsman

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    It's been a while since a ship has been named after a Corpsman but the SECNAV has announced DDG 130 will be named USS William Charette. This will be the 21st ship with an HM's name on it. Naval Medical Center Portsmouth is also named Charette Health Care Center. Doc was the only living HM MOH recipient from Korea to survive and retired as a master chief.

    https://news.usni.org/2019/03/18/fu..._term=Editorial - Military - Early Bird Brief

    "Charette received his Medal of Honor for actions he took on March 27, 1953, when Chinese and North Korean forces attacked and overran two of three Marine hill outposts. While providing aid to a wounded Marine, an enemy grenade landed near Charette. He shielded the wounded Marine from the blast by placing his body on top of the man he was treating. Charette lost consciousness after the explosion, and then when he regained consciousness he continued providing aid to Marines, including using parts of his torn uniform to dress battle wounds, according to the Navy."
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    A proud day that will be for all corpsmen, Doc!
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