Future options for Service


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Dec 13, 2016
Hello, I'm a 10th grader in high school. I've recently felt an urge to join the Air Force in Security Forces. I want to become a police officer eventually, and I think the jobs are kinda similar. My question is, should I do rotc, become an officer, and do the less fun job for more money? Or, should I enlist, make less, have no degree, but have a fun job? Having a significant service time (like 10yrs) would be ideal, but I don't want to be an officer stuck looking over a bunch of enlistees and I really like the duties involved with enlisted. Also, is it too hard to get a degree while in active duty? I would really like to have at least a bachelor's when I get out so I can have a good civilian job.
What makes being an officer and a graduate from the academy a less fun job?

If you see it as being "an officer stuck looking over a bunch of enlistees" then honestly I don't think the academy is for you.
I HIGHLY suggest you go reevaluate what you think an officer does. If leading soldiers/airman/sailors/marines, or as you put it "being stuck looking over a bunch of enlistees," is a less fun job, then you might want to look at what enlisted men do as well. NCO's also are in command of men and women as well. Unless you plan to serve 10 years as a junior enlisted (E1-E3), which I honestly don't see as being possible, then there's no way to avoid being "stuck" in charge of fellow servicemen and women.
I had a great deal of fun as an officer, and it was my HONOR to lead enlisted men and women in the Navy and other services.

Please do a lot more research.

Try get googling "Air Force Officer careers." Read every page, dropdown and link on USAFA website, especially in Admissions area.
Being an officer can be fun for some. For others, enlisting and kicking in doors is better. To each his own. I suggest you research both enlisted and officer jobs in the appropriate service's web site.