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Just posted my first post - this is my second.

Been reading for a couple of days... not sure how much I can contribute as things have changed quite a bit since my days.

That said, many things have not... what did we used to say? "USNA - 120 years unimpeded by progress." (If you do the math for the Class you associate with, you'll understand our age difference.) ;)
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My bet is you'll offer valuable perspective on various issues large and small, as well as old and new.

Just don't yell at the youngsters to get off your lawn.;)


SaltiDawg was my Kennel Name as an Exhibitor and Breeder of (English) Bulldogs. So my dogs had names like, "SaltiDawg's Maid of The Mist" or "SaltiDawg's Battle Cruiser."

I no longer am a Dog Breeder. I do have a Retired Greyhound Dog that was a Racer at a Track in Tampa, FL.

FL has now banned Dog Racing and by next year's end the eleven tracks there will all be closed.

When your Son or Daughter makes the Academy, consider getting a Retired Greyhounds. Literally thousands will come up for adoption over the next year - and the ones that are not adopted sadly will likely be euthanized.

BTW, I don't mean the dog would replace your teenager... :oops2:
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Twenty years ago I received a Call From a Buyer or Procurement Officer in VA representing the USMC.

I had a litter of Bulldogs and they wanted a Bulldog Pup for one of the Major Marine Bases on the East Coast. There were a few rewquirements that the pup needed to meet, and they indicated that I had been Vetted as a satisfactory source. They suggested that cost really was not an issue.

I explained that I would need to meet the family that would be getting the pup and asked a few questions about the future for my pup. I confirmed that the Pup would go to a new "owner" when the original "owner" transferred out. Something I would not have any involvement with.

For that reason, I passed on the deal.

Over the years I have seen some number of USMC Bulldogs and without exception they looked like good specimens - and they always appeared well cared for and loved. I have see Bulldog Mascots at some Schools that looked downright unhealthy and were not of particularly good conformation.

Semper Fi

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My First Champion - 42 Pound Female - National Specialty Winner
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Eleven or so years ago I was still living in a rental which was our first abode after retiring from the USN. It was an older house in a great neighborhood just down the street from Ft. Hunt park. One day my dog and I were walking back home from the park and a bulldog came walking up to us. He had no collar but he followed us to the house and I put a collar and leash on and started walking up and down the street looking for his home.

A lady answered at a house and I told her the story and she said, “oh, that’s Chesty.” Huh? “Yeah, he just retired from the Marine Corps.” Huh?

It turns out that the dog was Chesty IX or X or whichever and had literally the day before had a retirement ceremony at 8th and I where he was relieved as the Marine Corps mascot. I was in awe and humbled to be in his presence. His handlers and now his owners lived next door to this lady and were members of the President’s Own, the United States Marine Band. She said, he gets out all the time. I’ll keep him with me until they get home. I said ok and left him there. Later that day the owner brought back my collar and leash.