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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by navy2016, Aug 30, 2010.

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    With most successful candidates, how many extracurricular activities do they usually have?

    I do understand that no one can guarantee whether a person will be appointed or not, but do my following record of extracurricular activities seem adequate?

    Should I expand this by doing CAPS?
    I know I should do a sport and will this year.

    Boy Scouts- this is going to be my 6th year
    Life Scout- on the process to earning Eagle Rank
    served as:
    Senior Patrol Leader
    Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
    Patrol Leader
    and will most likely become a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster
    2 Term Order of the Arrow Chapter Chief- brotherhood member

    AF JROTC- will not be able to do it this year due to IB scheduling (been part of this for 2 years)
    Cadet Captain, nominated and attended COLS (leadership school for AF JROTC), served as Ops Squadron Commander

    International Students Club- I am going to be a charter member once we get this started my school and guaranteed a leadership role (may not really be legit one though)

    participant in:
    Academic team/quizbowl- 2010 4A State and regional Champs
    Rocket Club- went to TARC (nationals)
    math team- just a participant- we don't have positions
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    Activities look good - now...take care of the most important thing; Do as well as you can - in the toughest courses you can take.

    I wish you well through this process!

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    You have some great EC's the only thing I see as a weakness is you have NO athletics in your profile, so make sure when you take the CFA you try to max it out to relieve any concerns from the board that you aren't as physically fit other candidates.

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