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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by C/B Lattanzio, Feb 12, 2013.

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    Hi guys,

    I have herd that there is a way to go a OUT OF STATE school while paying IN STATE tuition and I was wondering if VMI did this, I know that some Texan schools do. Also, Dosn't this invole the SMP program?

    I don't know too much on the topic and all help would be much appreciated.
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    In state for Out of state

    You mention "SMP" so I assume you are referring to going Army. Each school decides this individually. Some advertise outright that the school will provide a room and board scholarship or in state tuition to ROTC scholarship recipients. Other schools have a "hand shake" agreement with the detachments or battalions at their school. You would really need to contact the recruitment officer at the school you are looking at for the most up to date information. NROTC official information still lists schools as providing room and board that stopped that program 3 years ago, so you must do your own research and make sure you get it all in writing. hope that helps
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    I think he meant SMC, not SMP. However, if you are looking at VMI or and SMC that is best to ask on the other forum right below ROTC. Publicly and Privately Funded Military Colleges.

    That being said, you are only a sophomore right now, and nobody knows what the military will look like in 2 yrs especially with sequestration looming.

    What you should concentrate on is getting the best resume ready. That means the most rigorous academic course load you can handle. Take the PSAT next fall. Start taking the SAT/ACT. Be active in athletics and ECs.

    The reason why the PSAT is important to take as a jr. is it is the only way to become a National Merit Semi Finalist, let alone a Finalist.

    Colleges want NMSF applicants, and they typically offer a nice chunk of change for merit. I don't know if SMCs do, but like you will have plan A SAs, plan B SMCs ROTC scholarship, you will want a plan C, which would be ROTC no scholarship. That is why the PSAT is worth 4 hrs of your time.

    The other reason makes a statement from a national perspective among your peers you are in the top 5%.

    Finally, take the time to read some of the stats coming out from this yr. use that as a guide to plan your next yr.

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