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Discussion in 'Life After the Academy' started by Maritime Grad, Jul 15, 2012.

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    Ok so I'm now officially a Marine Engineer having made it through school in 4 years with a 3.0 GPA. I liked to have a couple beers when I started at the Academy and learned to like a few more during my Freshman year.

    I was just denied my 1st job due to my "Background" which consists of a DWAI and loss of my drivers license for a year during summer after the first year in school. How should I approach the next job opportunity/application? Am I going to be limited to a shore-side position going forward? How long will this follow me around?

    I truly learned my lesson after screwing up and attended a alcohol diversion program to help myself going forward.

    Any and all suggestions are welcomed and greatly appreciated.
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    It's obvious, but keep on trying.

    I am surprised that the company told you that they didn't pick you because of your record. Your case is a little different, but anything other than "you were not the best candidate" opens doors to get in trouble.

    Many open jobs, there are more applicants than what Human Resources department can deal with. So they use various screening method to trim the list down. It sounds like in your case, the final background check got you. Background checks cost money, so most companies don't do it at the begining of the hiring process.

    I think it will come down to your convincing the hiring official/interviewer that you learned from your mistake. However, do you mention it before being asked? Don't know. You will have to make the call.

    Good Luck.

    Lastly, recommend whatever MMA connection you have to get job interviews. Many times, connections matters more than GPA or qualifications for getting a job.
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    I am going to assume that during the time your license was suspended you were under some kind of probation. If you got your license back we can also assume that you met the terms of your probation. Your post does not say what state you are in. Do an internet search of "expungement of records in ________." There is a way to get rid of that arrest record. You may need the assistance of a lawyer but it will be money well spent.
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    The company might have stated "background issue" if the job was one for which a "clean" background was required (vs. desired). If, there was a second infraction (and there is NO REASON for you to answer this this on a public forum), that could well be a deal-breaker as the business may not be sure the issue has been fully addressed/remediated.

    I find it somewhat hard to believe that if a clean record is not required (as it might be, for example, if you were a truck driver), you would not be chosen because of something that happened several years ago and which you fully remediated.

    I recommend doing what the above poster suggests -- ensure that your legal record is as it should be. Check to the extent possible to see whether the job for which you are applying makes it less likely that you'll get the job with your background. If so, you may want to mention the situation up front and discuss how you've dealt with it so that there are NO continuing worries (i.e., you no longer consume alcohol).

    It shouldn't follow you forever. That said (and as the above poster said), in a tight job market employers have more applicants than jobs and thus finding an "easy" way to knock some candidates out helps them make a tough decision.

    For others reading this . . . it is a tale of caution of how an early mistake can have long-term consequences. Hopefully, the OP can move beyond it.

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