Getting a AROTC scholarship while in school


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Jun 17, 2017
Hey guys, I'm a college sophomore who will be starting MSL1001 my GPA is a bit over 3.5 and I'm majoring in engineering. I in moderately good shape (push up and sit up wise I shouldn't have any problem scoring well, but I'm not the strongest runner. However, I have been working on it and think I can get my run time down to 7:00 within the next month) anyways how can I improve my chances of receiving a in college ROTC scholarship? Thanks for advice.
Better GPA, higher PT score, participate as much as you can in AROTC.
I know you want to hear something like memorize the Ranger Creed or wear these boots, or study ninja warrior tactics, but there is no secret formula. It's going to depend on how your unit allocates those scholarships, how many they have to allocate, and who else is vying for those allocations. As long as you do what they ask, keep improving your PT, and keep that GPA up there you will be considered.
Thanks for the reply, I just wasn't sure if there was anything more I could try to do to stand out.
If you are at a bigger school/program or an SMC it's probably a little harder to "stand out". At a smaller program like Clarkson if you are the cadet who's studying engineering, with a 3.5, a 270 APFT score, showing up for class and lab, and volunteering for a color guard or detail every once in a while then you'll be noticed.