Getting an Education Delay


Dec 24, 2015
How hard is it to get an education delay in order to get your masters? Also, If you're going to take a fifth year as a technical major, can you still take an education delay? Thanks.
I was wondering if anybody knew a percentage of people that requested an ED that got one.
I don't know the actual number or percentage, but I would say that it is very low unless you are a stellar student and have the support of your Command.

This really is something to talk about with your CoC. Maybe your unit has a high percentage.
For Army, (I know you said AF), we have heard the only people getting an ED are biology majors going to Med school and it is very competitive. Besides that it would be needs of the Army (or AF). While I see your need to get your masters, I don't know if the AF would have a need. Something to ask your CoC about specifically for physics. You might have to be open to going to grad school after your service. I got my masters when I was 40, there is no time limit!
I know there was is someone on these forums from the USAFA that was able to get his PhD (I believe in Physics) straight out of the academy with little or no additional military commitment. But, that was out of the SA, not ROTC. Best bet, like others have suggested is to talk to your CoC and see what, if any, options you have.
There were 2 posters. Hornetguy and ChristCorps DS. They both got the RAND fellowship which is concurrent commitment.

However, what is important to know is they were the top of their USAFA class. Top top top.

Not trying to be Debbie Downer, just saying if this is your goal than I would say you need to be Magna or Summa to be competitive for an ED from AFROTC.