Getting Intersting For DS!

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by Ex.BT.USN, Dec 22, 2014.

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    Well the BGO interview is over, same officer as last year. All went very well!
    It is getting interesting here...

    A month or so ago he was (and remains) very happy with the NROTC scholarship and loves everything about the unit and University he is attending. At that time he was not going to finish the reapplication.

    A couple of weeks ago he spoke with his mentor and from that he said he would go through with the application but had no plans on accepting.

    He came home for Christmas and spoke with a 37 year vet officer and things turned.

    After the BGO was done he was very much back in the hunt. On top of it all instead of just wanting to fly he has subs high on his list. In addition he will be requesting a nomination from his NROTC Unit CO.

    He will be talking to his mentor soon who is a former Academy grad and an active 06. I know that will get his attention.

    Keeping my fingers crossed he gets appointed. His final decision but even if he remains with NROTC the unit is very good and the journey has the same end goal.
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    Good luck to him sorting it all out. I know he'll do well whichever way things go! :thumb:
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    Fingers crossed here for you and DS as well.

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