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    So i'm a sophomore in high school right. My gpa is a 3.3 and im a 3 sport athlete. I run varsity cross country, j.v basketball and jv/ varsity baseball. I haven't taken the act or sat yet seeing that im in 10th grade but plan on doing good! What else can i do in my community/ high school to give myself a better chance of getting accepted into West Point??
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    Everyone plans on doing well on the SAT/ACT. Prep for it. Sign up on the college boards site now and they'll send you a practice question each day. It really makes a difference. Half of the exam is carefully reading the questions. It takes practice. Make sure you take the PSAT Oct. of junior year. This one is used for National Merit Scholarship monies. If only we had known!

    Carry the toughest class load you can carry while getting good grades, especially in Math and Science.

    Seek out leadership roles. Show that you are well rounded by demonstrating it.

    Good luck! :thumb:
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    Take a look at the stickies at the top of the USMA page---they tell you everything you need to know. One that might be especially helpful is the one that shows a timeline for high school, spelling out what you need to be accomplishing and when.

    Work at being a top student. Plan on taking some AP classes.
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    Get your class rank into the top 10%. Go to the American legion's Boys/Girls State program.

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