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    All right, I need some advice, because this is where I want to go...
    What SAT scores are needed to be competitive? What is a good GPA to keep? What sports look best(I already do track, and cross country)? Do you still need a senator to recommend you? How do you study for the SAT, and how is it graded? Are there certain classes I should take? And thank you in advance.
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    First off, I don't go to West Point... I'm a junior in high school, but from what I have read/seen here is my advice.

    1. You want to take AP and honors classes, but don't take so many that you overload yourself. Take the most difficult classes you can, but make sure you can do well in them. Don't compare yourself to others, do the best YOU can possibly do. Don't try and just get by doing the least amount of work possible because the SA's aren't looking for people like that, they want people who are self motivated.

    2. Your sports look fine just try to become captain. Do extracurricular things such as school clubs (i.e student council, spanish club, jrotc, etc. and try to get leadership positions in those clubs). Join clubs that you actually think you will enjoy.

    3. There are tons of SAT/ACT prep books. You could probably get one from your public library. Try to at least get anything above 1800 for the SAT, for the ACT I would personally say 30 or above.

    If you're a freshman or underclassmen take school seriously... every year of high school is important. I slacked off freshman and sophomore year and it really lowered my chances of possibly being accepted into West Point or any of the other SA's. Never give up, no matter what.
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    look at the thread in the stickies for all the stats about previous classes
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    The maximum you can score for each in particular (math and critical reading). Short answer: A 2400 and 4.0 is a good goal to shoot for; however, that may not be something you feel you can achieve. Do the best you can. :thumb:

    You can read up a lot on the SAT online, and as the previous poster said, lots of prep books out there. Personally, I really like this guide written up by a student who made a 2400 on their SAT: In the first section it explains the SAT and how it works. Definitely don't ignore the ACT either, take both.

    Looks good, try and make varsity and letter in both.

    Yes, you need a nomination, which can come from a variety of sources, depending which you are qualified for. Anyone can apply to their senators and representatives, as well as the Vice President.
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    Whole Candidate Score WCS

    This is how WP adds up a WCS. "Whole Candidate Score" This is part of the formula they use to grade a candidate who has opened a file.

    Academics (60%)
    Class rank (15 points)
    SAT score (35)
    High School Grades (10)
    Extra points for Valedictorian/National Honor Society/National Merit Scholar

    Leadership (30%)
    School Leadership – extra points for class or student body president
    Eagle Scout/Gold Star Girls Scout
    Boys and Girls State
    Athletic Participation – Team Captain Status
    Team sports

    Fitness CFA (10%)

    Being a recruited athlete /Under Represented Minority/Active Service can fall in to different category pertaining to WP Class compositions.

    The standardized testing is a huge part of WCS and it is important to do your very very best and take the tests multiply times. My DS has taken ACT/SAT 8 times.

    This is how WP breaks it down.

    WP thinks your high school rank is more important than your GPA. However, to have a high rank (top 15%) you need a great GPA.

    Also to improve your WCS, get those SAT/ACT scores as high as you can.

    Again, resist comparing yourself to others. What is more important is ask yourself, "Have I Done My Very Best, How Can I Improve?"

    Push Hard, Press Forward
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    You can google SAT ranges for most schools. To get in the 75th percentile of appointees for West Point you'll want a 680 CR, 690 Math, and 650 Writing. The higher the better but these are the scores you'll want if you plan on getting in on your academic merit. If you're a recruited athlete or an under represented minority obviously your scores don't need to be quite as high. Good luck. :thumb:

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