Getting Noticed and FT Chances?!

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by ryguy115, Aug 6, 2011.

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    What things should i be doing this upcoming year to get noticed by my Det. commander? I want him to know exactly who i am. Also, what do my chances look like this year for field training. (3.35 gpa, non tech, 100% pfa, deputy wing commander position, AAS cadet, 4 hours of flight time) What do i need to do to increase my chances for a FT spot. Thanks. AIR POWER
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    You have a strong gpa, not the strongest for non-tech, but def. strong. More importantly you appear to have leadership and that will count.

    I am assuming you have a very small det. to be deputy wing commander as a rising sophomore. I would not look at the national if I were you. I would look at your det. and compare yourself to those in your det.

    Some dets had 35%, some had 65%, the national avg was @50+%. If your det had 50% I would assume you are in that top tier with your jobs, gpa and EC's.

    Look to see what the stats were for the cadets that were non-tech, it should give you a perspective regarding chances.

    Best of luck.

    OBTW flight hours will not usually play into the equation for SFT, it does play into the equation for the rated slot, because when you take the TBAS you will get extra credit for flight hours, make sure you bring your flight hours log.

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