Getting ready for PT -- USNA or ROTC


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Jan 30, 2008
Would anyone recommend running in combat boots to train for PT at USNA or ROTC?
It wouldn't hurt. I'm not going to be training in combat boots... but you can probably do whatever you think needs to be done in order to prepare.
Be very wary of training (running) in combat boots. There is not much benefit to do that. Why do you ask? Well, boots are boots; they are not running shoes. You should never be running long distances in them from the get go.

You will never be doing any physical activity at the Academy where you will need to run long distances in boots. Doing this may actually hurt your foot becuase boots are not designed to support your feet for running.

Buy any sort of boots will be a waste as you will be issued a pair when arriving here. Just wait till then. You'll be fine. This isn't West Point where they actually tell you to buy boots before hand and show up with them. Just be in shape so any PT in boots will be easier.
Thanks for the info. My son is still a USNA hopeful, but has an NROTC scholarship. He asked me to post about boots. He is really working at getting into shape and being ready for I-day if he is appointed. Otherwise, he will be ready for NROTC.

Congrats on your accomplishments!
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Having been a Black Shoe (Running? What's that?), I have to ask...

SEALs and USMC are expected to run miles in boots during training and operations, and boots have come a LONG way from the GI "Jungle Boot" from the 1980's.

If a guy wants to aspire to either, and with the newer "sneaker/boot" type boots, would the traditional concern not to run in boot apply anymore?
boots have come a LONG way from the GI "Jungle Boot" from the 1980's.

So have running shoes. Right now, the emphasis has got to be to get in shape for Plebe Summer. Why would anyone want to run the risks for blisters and/or shin splints, no matter how small, curtailing their workout schedule, within a few months of Plebe Summer.

Practice how you play. This summer, a vey important summer, when they will want to be in top form, they will be playing in running shoes.

They will have plenty of time later on, under the guidance of 'experts', to break in a pair of boots.
I know that. My question was generic.

Since Plebe Summer (and most of USNA, assuming things haven't changed) is run in sneakers, then practice in sneakers.
If a guy wants to aspire to either, and with the newer "sneaker/boot" type boots, would the traditional concern not to run in boot apply anymore?

The traditional concern still applies. While USMA cadets spend much of BCT in boots and those who have appointed are encouraged to buy one pair of boots before hand - running in those boots is not recommended. Kamakazi is correct, running in boots can harm your feet and legs - incoming plebes/cadets do not want to begin the summer with damaged feet or shin splints.
Walk, march, hike all you want but don't run.

IMO - if USNA doesn't issue boots prior to plebe summer then do not buy them. They will issue boots to you and properly fit them to your feet.
I believe (sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong) that plebes are permitted to bring with them a pair of broken-in running shoes. Thus, focus on finding a pair that is comfortable.

Agree with those above that it is much better to focus on being in shape than in running in combat boots. You never have to do that for USNA purposes. As noted, if you decide to go SEAL or maybe if you do jump training, you may need to run in boots. However, that doesn't happen as a plebe and, as also noted above, they'll issue you a pair when the time comes.

You really want to avoid injuring yourself before plebe summer. If you can't participate in plebe summer (i.e., have a broken leg), they may well send you home. Thus, try to avoid any type of "risky" activity where injury is likely -- and that includes running in combat boots.
During the school year, you will see the "hooyahs" or "motivators" running around in their boots and utes. Especially before any of the screeners (SEAL, airborne, air assualt). In those activites, you will be running in boots. I myself am guilty of that. However, as a distance runner, I can safely say that it was quite uncomfortable and if you can help it, definetly stick to running shoes.

usna1985, you can still bring your own running shoes. They are much better than the "go-fasters" that are typically issued.