Go Get'em Mom!!!!


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Jun 18, 2012
The parents support groups at WP is awesome! Or troubling? For the WP Cadet, the parent groups stretch from coast to coast waiting for the blessing of helping any Cadet in need. The following article is a testament of that strength and parental bond-Your Cadet is my Cadet


Push Hard, Press Forward

PS: One of our posters here is mentioned in the article. Great book if I may add
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We helped out a cadet at the end of break, but it was our cadet who orchestrated it. However, the Mom's page on FB is generally very instrumental in these cases when cadets are stranded or simply in need of transportation or food. It is very easy to connect via the FB page and coordinate. There is a strong sense of camaraderie and a 'your cadet is my cadet' feeling. It's really quite heartening.
WP Moms are awesome. When my 2016 2LT was in a car crash somewhere north of Atlanta on his way to graduate school/first posting in Monterey (because only a 2LT would think visiting a girl at Ft Benning would be on the way to CA)--he was in a multi-car pile up. He found himself sitting at a gas station in the rain with no wheels--and a little in shock after dealing with everything--and I said, "Let me know if you need a lift somewhere." Finally he said, "You know people in XXXXXX, Georgia?" I went to the WP Moms page and posted his location and phone number. Ten minutes later he called to say that someone was on the way to pick him up and let him stay overnight and sort it out the next day. AWESOME family. Awesome network of moms and parents. Two Thumbs Up! Go Army, Always! Think I better send that family another fruit basket for the holidays.
There is something truly special about WP moms. I have the honor to work with a couple hundred of them in another capacity and I am awestruck by their 'can do' attitude. They have huge hearts, are so generous and when faced with a challenge or mission - nothing can stop them. There is a unique bond that is hard to describe. Hats off to all of the WP cadet/grad Moms here on SAF.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? When you think of the resumes of the kids getting appointments due to having the highest WCS's, and realize the years of driving to sports, scouting, and afterschool stuff that it took to rack up those WCS's... a selfless Rock of Gibraltar type mom is almost a given. :)