good CFA scores???


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Aug 4, 2008
I just got done with my CFA about an hour ago. As a 185 lbs., 6' 6" tall discus thrower, can anyone tell me if these scores are somewhat decent for the academies??

Basketball throw: 69'
Pull ups: 13
Shuttle Run: 8.9
Sit ups: 87
Push ups: 62
Mile run: 7:01 (was shootin' for 6:30, but was drained after trying to max out on the previous 5 events. i almost got sub 7, darn it!!).

Thanks for anyone's help. it is greatly appreciated!! :thumb:
Seriously though you got:

2 more pushups than me
5 more situps
1 less pullup
.4 more on your shuttle
6 seconds more on your mile
3 feet shorter on BBall throw

That's pretty crazy how close we are...
cool. are you 6' 6", 185 lbs. too? that would be weird. hahahahaha. plus we're both from nebraska. too weird.
Irony or coincidence?

OK guys. You want to hear something even funnier? I too am from Nebraska and here are my CFA scores:

Bball throw: 60 (don't laugh, it's a tremendous improvement from when I first started!)
Pull-ups: 13
Shuttle Run: 9.8
Sit-ups: 55
Push-Ups: 59
Mile: 6:31

Maybe it's in the corn!
i must say illinois corn isnt bad least for the legs

Basketball throw-63
Shuttle Run-9.1
In connecticut we don't grow corn...

Basket Ball Throw: 68'
Shuttle Run: 8.4 sec
Sit-Ups: 80
1 Mile: 6:55
i think nebraska exports their corn, foreign and domestic. :biggrin: not sure though. :shake:
well we also grow soybeans in illinois. and we have a lot of cows...
CFA scores

Well, I'm a 5'6'' skier-volleyball player
I got an LOA with these scores, although honestly it was probably my academics:
BB throw: 42 ft
Pull ups: 1
Shuttle Run: 10.2 sec
Sit ups: 82
Push ups: 24
Mile run: 7:22

Although I know I could do loads better if I was to retake it today
-You probably can't compare with my scores as I am a girl, but there you go. You don't have to be perfect, you just have to do your best.
I am sure it is for your academics for your a girl you don't do pull ups you do hang time

If you don't get to the peak now in physical fitness with the altitude of the AFA you won't make it through BCT.

These posters aren't kidding when they talk about being killed by butterfly kicks.

Start getting in upper body shape and you will just be fine

Finally you are right you don't have to be perfect you have to do your best, however, the AFA expects perfection...and in honesty so does AD's not enough to give 100%... you have to keep going until you have nothing left...the ones that give 100% are usually the ones not promoted in the AF...The ones that give evrything until they are spent are usually the generals

There are many debates about whether women shold be allowed to fly in will be the defender of that debate. As a spose of a recently retired F-15E WSO (Bullet)...your upper body strength is going to be needed to pull my 6 ft 195 hubby out of the ocean when the jet goes down. Our friend who officiated Bullet's retirement ceremony is 6'4 and over 200 lbs...that is why upper body strength is needed. Make all of us women proud and get those guys butts in every aspect...pretend you're a guy and use that as your them we can do it just as easily as they can.

I am not meaning to be a downer, quite the opposite...I believe women can beat the crap out of guys and we need to prove it!
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NordicSkier - I'm not sure you had a question but will respond anyway! When my D applied 2 years ago we got info on average female CFA (below). Based on that, I doubt they would ask you to take it again.

Female CFA (2 yrs ago) Average Score
Event / Average Score
BBall Throw: 41ft
Pull Ups: 3
Flexed Arm Hang: 19.8
Shuttle Run: 10.4
Sit Ups: 72
Push Ups: 36
1 Mile Run: 8:06

Your scores are right in there with the average female score, in many categories better than average. All you need is a nom. However, Pima is correct that it is a tough place to be and getting in great shape before going to AFA is wise. Pima indicated that girls do the flexed arm hang instead of pull-ups. However, for the benefit of other females reading, a female who can do pull-ups should do them instead of the flexed arm hang. Doing even one pull up the CFA improves the score & it is a preferable that females be able to do pull-ups. If a female cannot do a pull-up, they can opt to do the flexed arm hang but the pull-up is preferable. It is my understanding that once at AFA, the flexed arm hang is no longer an option as pull ups are required in the PFT.

My D has often said that female cadets really feel the push ups in BCT, not the flutter kicks as much. Females tend to do better than the guys in flutter kicks but push ups the guys have a distinct advantage. I have heard her tell many females hoping to go to AFA to focus on push ups before getting to BCT because that was the real killer for females. Of course, she also stresses running... to everyone and anyone who asks.
2011's mom is correct -

Females may choose between the pullup and flex arm hang for the CFA. Doing even ONE pull-up will give you a higher score than any amount of hang time.

I am more concerned over your pushups. Not for getting an appointment as it looks like you have it, but for being in shape for Basic.
CFA scores

Like I said before, if I was to retake the tests today, I would improve a lot. I can now do 40 push ups thanks to Volleyball season. I'm still working on pull-ups, and installing a pull-up bar in my house has been helping. Thank you all for your advice. Thankfully, the fitness program at my school is amazing at preparing me for BCT.:thumb: