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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Blacklab, Jan 19, 2012.

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    I communicated some information a few days ago that I got out of two different NROTC units. In short the units are not full and most of their list will attend the academy. This allows for more room in the NROTC scholarship pool. Okay, great I understand where this leads and it would make sence.

    I was takling to the guy that processed my sons NROTC application last night... The first thing I learned is what I just wrote so the information is backed up from three different sources. Very nice!

    I also learnd that like a college the SAT in not the end all... For the many that have a score that you might "think" is too low, let the thought pass. This guy that handles these applications gave me an example of what he sees. He had a kid with a 2k SAT score with a nice back ground and teir 1 app. This kid has already been accepted to his No.1 school. To date he is not selected for NROTC, umh! He had another kid with a min. SAT score (just made it) with a few extra items on his app but not a big diff. from the other kid, again teir 1 app. Not accepted to a school to date; however, got the NROTC.

    He said that he has seen this before. He said "you just don't know what their looking for. Much of what they pull from is the two essays and the officer interview." The last thing he said was also backed up by an 06 I know. That is, some of these kids could already be boarded but they might not find out until April, some will find out before. It just keeps people on their toes. After all of what we read and being ex-Navy myself. When I heard "keeps people on their toes" it all came together.

    To me this was all great news because it just makes it a little more fair and balanced. For my kid it keeps him grounded keeping him on his toes. I told hime last night that the NROTC office has thousands of applications form kids just like him. I let him know that he may be special to us but his value is equal to all that apply and that he is no more special than anybody else. Sounds mean but hey there is nothing wrong with a little shame and a check of reality. I love him but if I tell him everything is wonderful that would be false and misleading.

    If your waiting dont give up, if you don't get it dont give up! Go to college with an NROTC unit, get involved, do well in school and then apply again.

    Good stuff...
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    A long lost, yet sorely missed parental sentiment.
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    I will second the importance of a stellar interview. My DS received NROTC scholorship in early Nov. He interviewed with the local RO who made arrangements for him to drive to Cal to interview with the head of the ROTC program there because as he said " if this guys likes you, you are in!" he explained that a strong recommendation from him would get the appropriate attention and his track record of getting scholarship is outstanding. He told DS to make sure he was prepared and put his best foot forward.

    Needless to say, DS left interview and said he knew he could not have done better. Although interview was very professional, DS made sure he was relaxed and personal. the last 15 min of the interview was casual where he could really show his personality and ability to carry on a conversation with humor. He just felt it, unlike his AFROTC interview which did not flow as smoothly- very stiff RO who read a script of questions and did not let DS expand on answers. No surprise DS was passed over on first AFROTC board.... He was not surprised in the least based on the overall feel of the interview.

    There are thousands of applicants who have amazing resumes and SAT scores but you need to stand out. What makes you different, interesting? What can you add to the ROTC program? Will you fit in? I think these things can be more important than perfect SAT scores....
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    I agree completely with you that everything is not always so cut and dry when it comes to scholarship offers. I believe it is that way with both the Navy and the Army, the AF is a different animal altogether.

    My son was one of those that did not have stellar ACT scores, in fact he got the Min. needed to get the full points on the interview. A couple ROO's had told him he would probably get passed over by the first board, maybe the second but to hang in there. Like your son he had a great interview with the PMS at the school his brother was attending who is also in AROTC, he had a bundle of leadership activities. To his surprise he was selected on the first board. When we read this forum we saw many applicants with higher SAT/ACT passed over, some were selected during the 2nd and 3rd boards, some were not.

    It is true, it is hard to determine just what the boards look for in an applicant though many here have tried I think it's still a mystery. You are right, an excellent SAT/ACT will sometimes not be enough and a Lower SAT?ACT will not always knock you out.

    Good luck to your son, and everyone else waiting.

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