Good News For Asthma


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Dec 16, 2007
Hey! Here's some hope for strong candidates with asthma.

I'm a freshman in college right now, and last year this time I was applying to USNA and USMA, despite the fact that I still had (have) mild asthma. It doesn't affect my life at all, but because it's on my record and I periodically take medicine for it, it got me DQ'd by DoDMERB, with no waiver. But at that point, I was just another candidate, and this was rather expected, even from the beginning. I just kept going through with it, because I don't like to give up.

In any case, that same foolhardiness caused me to reopen a file at both academies again this year. I expected to be denied waivers again, but this time to go to the admissions office and protest in person. That still may happen...but here's the news!

A couple of weeks ago, a Major in the USMA admissions office called me (on my cellphone) and asked me why I was reapplying. We talked for a while, and that conversation is what gave me my hope today and may one day soon grant me admission. He told me that, even though I have had asthma past my 13th birthday, I still have a chance because of my record. ROTC Cadet Command has given the same hint.

(FYI, my record is something like this: 35ACT, strong grades, but rather weak PT scores (definitely not the football captain), with good "leadership" accolades and qualities.)

Next week, then, I will take the infamous methacoline challenge, and, if I pass it, the Major says I am almost surely in. If not, it is quite the opposite. IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS. Everything else is in order - I even have a primary nomination :)

SO - the message is something like this. For those of you out there, like me, looking for some glimpse of hope of serving your country at an academy despite asthma, don't give up! It may not work out how you hope, but it's still worth the shot. Talk to people, get your name out there.

PLEASE pray for me next week. I'll need everything I can get!


Here's praying for you, Snyder!

With all you've done to prepare, I just wish you could study for that test. Please come back and let us know how you do. :thumb:

I passed the test, no sweat - it was a lot easier than everyone cut it out to be. My numbers actually went up as the methacholine increased, because I was less nervous with each dose.

I have yet to hear from WP, though - my admissions officer's on break.
Good to hear, I have to take this on Wednesday. I have a nom and I'm double qualified so this is going to make or break me.

Congrats, let us know when you hear back from the academy.
It is with great pleasure I write this post.

Despite working against the odds, despite the "reality" of the situation which prevent asthmatics from being accepted to West Point or even commissioning...

I'M IN!!! :shake:

It's not yet "official" (no registered mail package) but I received a waiver and a Letter of Assurance, and my admis officer has assured me nothing else stands in my way. With Asthma! God has truly blessed me, and I certainly feel called to accept the appointment as soon as it is offered.

Despite what I was universally told, that I stood no chance and should come to terms with rejection, IT WAS POSSIBLE. and so it will be for future candidates.

Best of luck to you all. I'll be seeing some of you in July.

Snyder91, you have the grit to make it at West Point. Many congratulations! Your perserverance is admirable!!!

Congrats! Keep up the PC... I don't know if your from the area but the north-east gets brutally humid in the summer, so run ALOT. Good luck and again congrats!

Congratulations to you and thanks for giving hope to lots of applicants with medical issues that need to be resolved. Your persistence is inspiring.




GO ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Snyder91, congrats on the waiver and LOA!! As I've always stated, you'll never know if you don't try. Your persistence has definitely paid off!!
Congrats on your Waiver!!!! I got my asthma waiver from USMA a few days ago. Still waiting to hear about an appointment though.

Once again, congrats. :w00t:
Need advice for Asthma waiver proceedure

Hi, my son has a congressional nomination to USMA, was found to be competitive academically and physically by USMA, but two days ago was disqualified by DodMERB for a diagnosis of Asthma after the age of 13.

My son does not use an inhaler and has had no difficulty competing in varsity swimming for the last two years. I called DodMERB and USMA for advice on the procedure for a waiver but was not given any helpful information.

Any help on where to go from here would be appreciated. A few of the posts mention a Methacholine test?

Feel free to go through the DoDMERB section of this forum. There are many, many (read probably more than 50) posts concerning asthma and what to do.

Before going out and spending the large amount of money (last I heard it was close to $1000) on an MCCT try following some of my advice which has helped multiple applicants. This is my latest post concerning asthma:

If you still have questions, please feel free to start a new thread in the DoDMERB section. Thank you.
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