Got accepted to Norwich!


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Aug 2, 2006
WOOT WOOT! :thumb: :thumb: :shake: :tank1: :jump1:

Dont know how much this "contributes" to the forum but i just wanted to put it out there, ME SO HAPPY!

Got the letter in the mail today, and a T-shirt and bumper sticker too. LOL i threw away all my other paper applications as well since NU is my 1st choice. WOOOOOT!!!!!
Well Done Chip! Thanks for sharing the good news. It is always nice to see kids get their first choice of school. Congratulations!
:wow: Yeah baaaaaby! Congrats Chip!! So what did you end up slapping the bumber sticker on? The cool thing is, you get to wear the t-shirt to school & say, "Yup. I'M GOING TO NORWICH!" Now drop & give us 20. Better start now getting ready. By the way:

YAY!!!!!!! :shake:
lolz i dont have a car yet, so i dont know where to put the sticker, i know this kid whose applying to the citadel..... would be a real nice accent to his locker :shake: :yllol:

I was wondering if you could tell me how long it took to hear from Norwich about acceptance after your packet was complete. My son is applying also to Norwich, but just needs to submit his essay to have a complete file.
Congrads Chip on a great accomplishment!

Thanks to you and Lesya for your valuable information! We live overseas, so this whole process has been a little more difficult for my son. He is applying to Norwich, but has never had the opportunity to visit. This forum has been a great benefit.
No problem. let me know if you have any other questions. Ive visited Norwich 5 times and attened a camp there for 2 weeks. they all know me very well up there.
Yeah after i sent in my 1st quarter grades (the last piece of the puzzle) it took them 3 weeks... it took longer for me because it was in the middle of the thanksgiving break.
Congrats Chip I just spotted this thread! Way to go...and good luck!

Congrats! I got into Norwich too but I'm going to CGA. My brother goes there and he really likes it.