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Aug 2, 2007
Well, I received a rather small envelope in the mail on Friday from my Senator. I was a little bit worried because I figured that if I got the nomination the letter would be in a business sized envelope (I don't know, I thought that they would give me something informal to let me down easy :biggrin: ). The first word I read was "Congratulations", and I've been absolutely ecstatic ever since. I just have to do the CFA now and my application will be complete, although I'm definitely not looking forward to it - I never think that I'm prepared enough.
Soylent! Congratulations!

Now get that CFA done! You want to be complete ASAP - good luck!!
Super! Listen to the Moms on here & get your other stuff done. Don't make us ride your butt. :wink:

*clap clap clap* Good job & congrats!
Listen to Jamzmom - she is the wisest of the wise Mom's

you don't want to procrastinate on the CFA - winter is fast approaching - don't be like one kids I know last year who spent last December with on and off colds (can't take the CFA with a sinus infection!) and ended up taking it on a very cold day in January!
Soylent, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :thumb:

The CFA is a very small part of your total package. You have completed all the hard parts of the application. :smile: Do not delay the CFA. Practice it twice with your coach timing you. Then take it the next day! Just be well hydrated and stoke up the night before and at lunch with carbs and water so you will have enough energy to finish the run in good time. Good Luck!!!