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Aug 14, 2006
Sir: could you clarify this request: R230.00 - DODMERB is asking for copies of all patient visits to doctor for ADHD- the MD would like to know if it is okay to send a letter stating start date, finish date, medication started, medication finished, and when diagnosis was removed. It has been 2 years since he was on medication.

A letter from the physician is fine, as long as copies of the medical records are sent as well. If the physician is not willing to release copies of the medical records, have the physician state that and the reason in his/her letter to DoDMERB.

If its been 2 years since your son/daughter has been on medication and/or received any additional support (extended time on tests, use of a computer when no one else had it, ect.) then there should be no problems from DoDMERB.

If you have any other questions feel free to fire away!
Again, the remedials

Dear Sir,
I am collecting the information that DODMERB needs - my son found out quickly that he still needs a parent to collect his medical records. There are three altogether. Just want to make sure that I have this right - I wait until I get all of the info then send it all in at once. The letter said not to send it in one at a time. If you feel that I should send the info in as soon as I get it then I will. Thanks for your help. BTW, my older son just finished Beast at WP!

Please send them in altogether, unless there is going to be a delay in getting one set of records. In that case send what you have, but include a statement stating that there are more records on the way. It is so much easier for the DoDMERB reviewers and physicians to have everything at once, or a statement saying that there are more records on the way.
body fat index

My son has now received a form about body fat. He is 72" tall and weighs 215 lbs. I think that his neck is 16" and abdomen measures 38". Will his body fat be okay? He does play football so he is solid.

Not sure which service your son is looking to attend. Each one has different body fat standards, and all the body fat standards are an administrative issue (not medical so DoDMERB has no control over them). What will happen, once the form is submitted to admissions, they will figure out the body fat percentage. For this next part I can only speak from a Naval Academy standpoint since I worked with them the most, if your son is over the body fat %, USNA admissions would contact your son and let him know that he needed to drop a certain percentage. Naval Academy does not grant waivers for being over body fat, even for recruited football players, and you must be within body fat by induction day. I'm really not sure how the other service academies work it, and hopefully someone else can shed some light on that aspect.

If your son is over body fat, there are a couple of things he can do that can help decrease the body fat %. First is to lose some in the waist (measured at the bellybutton), second is to gain in the neck (measured just below the adams apple). A one inch drop in the circumference value (neck minus waist) equals a 2% drop in body fat.

At this point in time I would not panic. Submit the form to admissions, give them a couple of weeks to process it, and then give them a call to see where he is concerning the body fat. If the academy wants your son, they will work with him for a while (March usually) before giving his spot away. And I'm sure that the trainers at his school would be more than happy to help him obtain his goal.
Oh my the remedials

I hope Dodmerb is easier to deal with than the doctors who my son saw. The orthopedist's records do not have a written statement saying that my son was fully recovered nor that he could go back to gym- He went back in January and last visit to the Ortho was in October. MD note says he is post status MCL injury and Bledsoe brace removed. Significant reduction of symptoms. Physical Therapy and see him prn. I do not feel that the MD wrote enough for DODMERB. So, I am bringing him for a followup exam on the 13th of September and I am going to the school of Monday to get a copy of the back to gym note. The MD wrote it on a prescription slip but not in the records. I also went to the Physical Therapy Group where my son went as per the MD note. The woman who does the copying is only in on Thursday but I will get copies of those visits and any notes done. Do you think that this is enough? Should I get notes from his football coach that he is playing or a copy of the pediatrician's physical in August that he is okay to participate in strenuous activity? He went on a BSA High Adventure hike in New Mexico - backpacking 50 miles in the mountains - should I send a letter from the Boy Scout Leader? My friend mentioned a strength test on the knee? How much is too much?

Sounds like you have everything under control! All the records and the new eval should suffice. I would also suggest that your son write a letter stating what activities he has participated in since the injury. There is no need for strength/stability testing. That only comes into play for ACL tears.

Based on what you've written here if I was the reviewer on your sons case I would clear it without any hesitation.
As a courtesy

I just want to let you know that the PT office called me and the evening office manager had copied the files for me and I have picked them up. They wanted to help out my son. Being courteous when you deal with people always helps get you further. Thank you for answering so quickly - No reply necessary

I thought that I explained to the Doctor who wrote about discontinuing my son's ADHD medication that he needed to mail the letter back to me. However, his office said that they mailed it directly to Dodmerb. Is this a problem? Should I have them send me a copy and then send it in the packet with the orthopedists records?

Its not an issue that the physicians office mailed it directy to DoDMERB. I would go ahead and mail the information that you have to DoDMERB.
LOA and Waivers

My son received a Letter of Assurance from West Point. I sent off all of his records for the remedials yesterday. How does the LOA effect the remedials or does it?
Congrats on the LOA! :thumb:

Not to sound rude, but DoDMERB does not care about LOA's. The remedials are processed as they are received, and DoDMERB processes them them the same for every applicant, regardless of their admissions status.
It's okay, I don't take it as rude. I am just looking for the facts and since West Point is aware of Dodmerb's findings, I did not know if it works both ways. Just trying to be as informed as possible. Thank you for all your help.
how long should it take?

Dodmerb received the documents last week. How long should it take before my son hears if he is cleared or not from the remedials? He is checking the website daily. I thought I read that it could be at least 30 days before he hears anything.
DoDMERB has 30 days to process remedials. Most likely you will hear something by the end of this week.
Great News

My son just told me that he got his clearances - he is medically qualified for USMA, USMMA, USCGA and commission qualified (?) for USAFA. I am ecstatic and so is he. I have called the MDs who wrote letters, the PT office that made copies just for him so he would not have to wait and the secretaries who did the paper work. This application for military academies takes a lot of people to help, but I am finding that they are more than willing. Thank you for your advice/encouragement during this process. The rest is up to my son. He is at a 7:20 mile and needs to get under 7 minutes and he has 3 pullups and needs to do 6. Only the nomination and his CFA stands between him and his appointment now. His coach is testing him at the end of October. He works out every morning. No matter what happens, I am very proud of how far he has come. Hopefully, he will be joining his brother at USMA next summer. I will let you know how it ends up even though it does not relate to the medical.
Please do! Its always great to know that you've had a hand (no matter how tiny) in helping someone realize their dream! Good luck!
Dear Sir:

Thank you again for all of your advice. My son received a call from his representative tonight that he will be offered an appointment to West Point. I cannot tell you how excited he is. He also has an offer of appointment from the US Coast Guard Academy. He has not heard from the Air Force Academy yet, but I told him don't get greedy. As far as he is concerned, Go Army, Beat Navy.
Thank you again.