GPA below min


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May 19, 2017
This seems to be a somewhat popular topic on the forums these days, but none of those threads were able to answer my main concern.

I'm an AS200, on scholarship, majoring in electrical engineering. I got an F this semester, and my term GPA dropped all the way down to a 2.33. My cumulative GPA is still (somehow) a 3.06.

I can still go to LEAD (TGPA got dropped to 2.0), and I know that I will get a CE when I come back in the fall (it will be my first). My main concern is that a 2.5 TGPA is required to enter into the POC... Does anyone know exactly how that will effect me moving forward?

Also, should I inform cadre of this? I would have asked one of my Captains, but they're both out of the office this week.
Get in front of this and tell your cadre you got an F. The big question is how does this impact your academic career? By failing this class will you now be graduating a semester later? If the answer is yes, than that would be my biggest concern right now.
They have access to your grades, but it's better for them to find out from you asap. I completely agree, you shouldn't be worrying about that grade, compared to your graduation date.

When you contracted, you legally agreed to that graduation date with the Air Force. Although it's not really the date, but the scheduled Fiscal Year on your contract. So even though May 2020 is FY20, all months before 1 Oct are still FY20. So a summer graduation/commissioning (if your school offers it) is possible. A commissionee from our Det went in that way. Nonetheless, Cadre finding out that you will be graduating a semester late may cause you to get dis-enrolled, if nothing can get worked out. Since your just completing your sophomore year, you should still have enough time to makeup the class, or take it during the summer to graduate on time. Look over your Form 48 to see a good balance and plan to take that class again. I'd also look over again to balance the remainder of my classes (not taking all the hardest ones at one time) so that I don't end up in the same situation, if I were you.

To address the TGPA for POC entry...Since your TGPA is below a 2.5, per the most recent regs available online (I haven't seen the new March regs), you can still enter as a POC. Although, you'd be considered as in a "pursuing status". Under the pursuing status, you'll still be a POC and participate in regular activities, but I don't believe you'll be paid a stipend. I know a recent commissionee who explained that was her situation. She was a nonscholarship that came back from Field Training and wasn't paid her first AS300 semester, because of her previous semester GPA. She then got her 2.5 TGPA, and started to get paid again. Plus I, myself, was almost in this situation. It should behoove you that if you do not get that 2.5 TGPA after being in pursuing status, you may be disenrolled.

Good Luck at LEAD