Graduating Class of 2009 (HS) Deadlines


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Nov 9, 2007
March 1st, 2008 marks the first deadline any 2008 Junior should be aware of. That is, when we can fill out the "pre-candiate questionnaire".

[I'll add all the other deadlines as they come... unless its the same every year and all those with previous experience already know]
Summer Seminar applications are accepted beginning January 1. Highly recommend it.
Your application to Summer Seminar also serves as your pre-candidate questionaire.
Your application to Summer Seminar also serves as your pre-candidate questionaire.

^ Which was not a good thing because I made one mistake when I did the precandidate quest., and I dont know how to explain it at this point. Nothing serious, but I don't feel as though I made my record as impressive as it should've been. Any idea who I can go through to fix this without looking like an idiot? Id rather ask a a tech. guy in charge of it, rather than admissions.
If your application is already active, you can go to and click on the "Application" tab. It will take you to the secure application site. From there you can log in to see the status of your application. On the information listed, there is an option to update or edit your information. You can sometimes do this online, other times you must contact your admissions counselor. The contact info for your admissions counselor will be on the application page, also. You can use this to add information throughout the application process.

I don't know about contacting the tech department instead of admissions. I really don't think the tech people have anything to do with your application. I believe that the best way to correct something is through the admissions counselor. You won't look like an idiot, rather you will look like a candidate who cares about getting into the Academy, and is willing to double check his or her work, and make corrections as necessary.

it's ok to mess up; fix it!

My son also messed something up on the prelim (it was for USMA). Once we realized the error, he sent in a correction with an explanation as to why it happened, w/ apologies for creating extra work for them. They know you guys are kids and will occassionally err. It was no big deal at they sent an appointment yesterday. Good luck!
What does the pre-candidate quesionaire entail exactly?

Is it just a bunch of "yes" or "no" questions?