Graduating from an SMC better or worst (or the same) than graduating from the SAs

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    I overheard a conversation between these two men and one had been a west point grad and the other was a Citadel grad, and both were arguing over which had the better school, light arguments, not like a total brawl. but it kept me thinking all day

    Wheres it better to graduate from The SMCs or the Academies?
    Aren't we fighting for the same country?
    does it really matter where you graduated from?

    You decide, What do you think?
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    Since the Academy and SMC's are not the only source of a commission, you should also add ROTC at Civilian Universities and OCS to your question.

    My opinion, Once you pin the gold bars on your uniform your success is now in your hands as far as the military goes.

    Which is better when you leave the service is to hard to calculate, way to many factors to come to a conclusion.
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    I'm biased.

    1. It's better to graduate from a service academy, but that doesn't mean it isn't good to graduate from a semior military college. Service academies are focused, more, on a specific branch of the service, obviously, so it's more concentrated. I think they're also better known. Again, remember, I'm biased. :wink:

    Yes, there's some "baggage" that comes with being a "Ring Knocker," but that fades.

    2. Yes. Same country, but you'd be smart to pick up some popcorn and watch 'em duke it out during budget season.

    3. Yes, it does matter where you graduate from, but that's true of any school. Better schools have a tendency to, if not open doors, get second looks from employers. What you'll find at service academy and senior military colleges is a great network out "in the real world". I assumed that was hype. While I was in the Coast Guard, 45% of our officers went to the Coast Guard Academy, so it wasn't that big of a deal.... but when I got out, I got to experience that network firsthand, and it made me pretty proud.

    As Jcleppe said, once you pin on those butter bars, it's on you. True you may have some classmates here and there, but your diploma won't buy you good reviews and promotions... you have to work for that... whether you went to an academy, a senior military college, through an ROTC program, through OCS or a direct commission program.... it's on you, sink or swim.
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    I do think the Academies get better training opportunities. There are some things that just aren't offered to NROTC (SMCs have uniforms, traditions, etc, but they are still NROTC programs and do not get special treatment over other NROTC units). Training is wasted if it's not taken seriously though, and that's up to you.

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