Graduation gifts


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Jan 10, 2008
I could use some help. People are already beginning to ask what to get my girls for graduation. One is no problem, going to Howard Payne, however, Buckaroo will be at USAFA and I have no idea what to tell people what to get her. Any suggestions?
Since our son was going to USAFA, and we knew he would be reporting there with just the clothes on his back, we asked everyone to just give cash. I know it sounds dull and impersonal, but we are now finding out what a good idea it is. Son took some of the cash that he got along with him to USAFA. The rest he left here in a bank account. Now, when he comes home on break, he has access to cash to go out with his buddies. Their Cadet pay only nets them $100/mo at the Academy, so he doesn't have a large bank balance there to draw from, and it saves us having to fork out $20 or $30 a night when he is home.
This worked for us, but of course you know your kids the best. I just thought I would share our experience.

Since they can only have one picture frame, I thought about a digital picture frame. Also, gift certificates to Delta and AirTran will come in handy! Cash will be the preferred gift, however!