Great News!


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Dec 13, 2007
Hello everyone!

I have been posting on and off since December. This site has been a wealth of info and encouragement. Feeling like you can talk to people who actually understand what you are going through and support one another is great.(especially as a parent...) Today my daughter called her PMS, the computers were down so they could not check her application status. After daughter left for work, i finally managed to get in touch with her POC at Fort Monroe. They were SO helpful. She immediately connected me with the waiver authorities and the officer in charge was very nice. He looked at her chart and granted the waiver on the spot. Since the breathing test is normal they are no reason for a DQ. He is getting in touch with her PMS as well to make sure they know nothing stands in the way of her scholarship at AU. She is extatic. :biggrin:
To all of you who are waiting:call, inquire be courteous and patient. I find that whoever i have had on the phone so far--be it at Dodmerb, Cadet Command, Concorde-- was more than willing to help and very courteous.
Now, hopefully everything will settle soon and this great girl who --like all of you out there-- worked so hard, will be able to enjoy the end of her senior year and have a great prom!:yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:
We will keep in touch!
That is excellent news!!! Now comes the fun of actually realizing what you've gotten yourself into :biggrin:
live4ever, many congratulations on your daughter getting cleared by DoDMERB!!! May she have a blast at her prom - but keep the bubble wrap handy!