Guidance Request for USAFA application process


New Member
Oct 3, 2017
Greetings! I'm active duty and I submitted the pre-candidate questionnaire. Do applicants complete/submit the AF Form 1786 AFTER they've been notified that they've been approved to go into the candidate phase or is it required that the member turns in the form BEFORE they find out their status? Does the same thing apply for congressional nominations? What's the estimated time frame for applicants to find out if they've been selected to move on to the next step? Thanks for your help!
You do not need to submit the AF form 1786 right away. However, you do need to submit the AF 1786 if you want to be considered for appointment through the LEAD program. In a few days, you should move to the Candidate phase. Once your status has changed, you will receive a candidate packet that will explain everything in detail on what you should expect throughout the process. In fact, you won't be able to submit any documents until you have verified that you have read it. In terms of congressional nominations, if you submitted your application on time (separate from USAFA app), you won't find out until December.
Double-check the deadlines for your nomination sources - the deadline for our congressman and one of our senators has already passed and the deadline for our other senator is this Friday (10/06).
Recommend that you contact USAFA Admissions forthwith.
Follow space2bmom’s link above. If you’re still AD, you’ll follow a different path w/ or w/o congressional nominations.