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Aug 13, 2008
For those who have received thier packets for usmma 2013:

I heard they were thinking about changing the hair cut requirements for girls. Just curious if they had?
Word among the mids is that girls will no longer have to cut their hair. However, a word of caution - all of your female DI's had to cut their hair. Most of them are still at awkward stages of growing their hair out and are envious of anyone with long hair. They are not happy about the change and if you have long hair, you will attract their attention.

If you are determined to keep your hair long, be prepared for constant scrutiny. Be able to get it up in a perfect bun in virtually no time. You will have extremely little time to shower and do your hair during Indoc. And your female DI's will cut you absolutely no slack.
ohhh my daughter will be happy to hear that ... but I think I just talked her into the "it wont be tooo bad"... LOL
To be honest, I'd suggest that any female candidate get her hair cut. It sounds to me like this summer's DIs will do their absolute best to make any candidate with long hair wish she had cut it. Indoc is hard enough without attracting negative extra attention.

D got her hair cut much shorter than required just to make it really easy to care for - super quick to wash in those 2 minute showers and no drying or styling needed. Her attitude was "It's just hair. It will grow back." And it is, growing back that is.
I understand why they would want you to cut your hair. It was wierd to me that KP still made the females do that because none of the other academies required it. When I was at sls their was a good mix of long and short hair cuts. I think I will practice the whole bun thing for a while and wait to get my appointment. It will be a tough decision. Can't cut my hair until after June 12 anyway..prom.
The Naval Academy cuts the hair of entering female plebes.

Neither Army nor Air Force require females to cut hair but it must be regulation.

My daughter is a plebe at West Point. She was in military school all of last year (MMI) in the prep program. Her hair was several inches below her shoulders and she never seemed to mind putting it up.

Two weeks before R-Day she told me she was cutting it for Beast. I begged her not to but she was determined. She had it cut in a pixie cut. A cut that is "wash and wear" and required no clips.
I asked her at the end of Beast and again at Christmas if she regretted it and she said No Way! They had spent a week in the field without a shower and she was really glad to have it short. She also liked it short during the AC year - less fuss.
I think she is getting ready to grow it out though!

I think the decision all depends on your hair type and your comfort with short hair.
I think the cuts they do at USNA - a one length 'bob', just above the shoulders are horrid! You still need clips and/or to pull it back or it flies in your face. JMHO.
My daughter is bi-racial and has curly hair (like shirley temple's ringlets).. and when its not pulled up in a ponytail or bun it frizzes (which she hates).. she doesnt want an "afro" as she puts it.. so I think she is okay with a shorter cut but still it frightens her (LOL) we looked at pics of last year's Indoc. pics and she felt much better after looking at them. :redface:
my hair is a quick do already just brush and go. I couldnt curl my hair without an iron if I wanted to so it will probably be fine either way. Definetly the last thing I will fret about it will be a last minute decision