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    Hi all,

    Every couple months, I have a phone call with the head coach of my sport from USMA. Last time, I asked him about the possibility of me going to prep school, but he said my scores were too high. He said they were looking at about 10 people, and were highly interested in me, and then he called admissions to open my portal early for me (this was in July). However, he also said that since he is only given a couple slots to help recruits get in each year, he wants me to get in on my own. Basically, my GPA is a 3.45 but my ACT is a 33composite, and I'm just wondering if it's possible to "half help" a recruit. For the USMA coaches to have any impact on a candidates application, does it fully count as a slot that they used?

    Thank you.
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    My understanding is no. The coach for certain sports has only so many "Blue chip" cards to play. Obviously that varies greatly depending on the sport.

    My son and a bunch of his teammate's were recruits with stellar academic records(also >32 ACT) and the coach used blue chip status to make sure they got in. Another player on the team was recruited but for whatever reason the coach had no more BC cards to give, and he made it through the appointment process and then "walked on" to the team.

    Good Luck!
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    DS was a walk-on, similar circumstances to mccpa's account. Although he was on the coach's radar, he got no help in the admissions process. (It was pretty much, "let me know if you get in.") He received an LOA and was appointed with strong stats (35 ACT, top 5% of his class). I don't believe the coach has much influence beyond his blue chip recruits.

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