Happy birthday zaphod!


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Jun 9, 2006
Some of you newbies may not know that one of the Moderators of this forum is an ole USNA grad who many of us know as Zaphod.

I couldn't let today pass without starting the thread of saying Happy Birthday to him!!!

Love you Z! My baby girl is already a 2/c and is studying abroad in Amman, Jordan for the entire semester as an Arabic major!!

much love to you and your family.
!!!!!!!!!!happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday! I'm relatively new to this forum, but I know the value of you admins! Thank you all.

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Happy Birthday Zaphod thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, it means a lot!
Happy B-day Z-man from zfam, always remember the warm welcome when we stumbled in here... :smile:
Happy birthday Zaphod!! Your sharing of knowledge is most appreciated! Enjoy your day!
Zaphod--you rock! This place has been a grest source for me for more than a year now! Tomorrow is my birthday--an excellent month and week!!
Wow - is it that time again already!

Happy Day Z!

Thanks for all the good info over the past few yrs. Got a 2C also now and it does seem like yesterday when we were both newbies on the discussion forums (I think we came on board about the same time). You sure provided a lot of great advice & info prior to I-Day (probably helped "mom" as much as the plebe!).

Cheers to you!
Enjoy the day.