Happy "International Talk Like A Pirate Day"

BLOW ME DOWN! Tis meanin’ rum fer all! Arrrrrrrg….Twill have te wait til the poopdecks rrrrrrr clean. Just another day on me ship to nowhere……Aye, it pains me ta say that I be stuck in port. But atleast thars rum!

AVAST! I found me parrot! Arrrrrrr! Get out of me bottle ye scurvy pollywog!
AGNTSA! :rolleyes:

I still haven't recovered from Jamz going nuts on this day back in 2005! :yllol:

Cripes. Has it been THAT long already? :eek:
RUM! Anchors aweigh ye maties. It is off to the ship to nowhere. Jamzmom, preparrrre to be boarrrrded and to surrrrrender your rum!
Aye, tis time fer an annual bumping of thee thread ye swarmy wogs. A pox on those who lost thar eye patch & parrots. Arrrrg..... & such.
Avast, mateys and scum-sucking sea dogs - what fun!