Hayfever ?


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Jul 24, 2006
What are the issues with a seasonal allergy controlled with Claritin or Sudefed with no sinus infections. AFROTC homepage states NO Hayfever but the other branches do not specify Hayfever as a DQ. Does the USAFA have the requirement? Are waveirs granted for Hayfever? If so what has to occur?


Seasonal allergies, controlled with either over the counter medications, or a single prescription medication, where the symptoms last only a couple of weeks normally are not an issue. If the allergies are severe enough to warrant multiple medications or allergy immune therapy are a different story.
i used to have seasonal allergies but i got allergy immunotherapy when i was in about 8th grade and i'm fine now. would that effect any chances of getting in?

A history of allergy immune therapy (AIT) within the past 12 months is a disqualification. Any AIT prior to that, as long as it was successful, is not a disqualification. DoDMERB should ask for all medical records concerning the AIT, so I would make sure you have access to them, but as long as you are having little or no allergy symptoms you should be fine.
yea, it was a few years ago, but it wasn't exactly successful.....

my physician assistant messed up giving it to when she overdosed, so i didn't get anymore AIT from her. I got only about 3/4 way through. i still get mild symptons during the spring( only about a week of symptons requiring OTC medicine). Would that be disqualifying?

As long as the allergy symptoms that you had have decreased, and from your statement it sounds like they have, then there should be no problems.

Would/could you explain why DoDMERB would issue a waiver for hayfever, allergies, etc., then request follow-up in form of questionaire or record of AIT?

If a waiver is issued by DodMERB is it retractable?:confused:

I think I understand your question, but if I'm off base, please feel free to correct me. It sounds like your son/daughter had a disqualification for something, was then granted a waiver buy the waiver authorities (DoDMERB does not issue waivers), but there was additional remedial information that DoDMERB needs to clear up before his/her medical can be closed.

This usually occurs when a disqualification is found on the initial medical examination. Once a disqualification is added, DoDMERB will not request any additional information unless the wavier authority requests it, or a wavier is granted.

Please let me know if I missed the mark on this one.