Head injury at birth


Jan 29, 2016
My son is trying to get into the ECP at a local military junior college. He was born at 27 weeks and had a mild stroke and brain bleed. He has had no issues his entire life and was released from his neurologist at 3. My question is if this can be medically waived? I was planning on having all of his records with us when he goes for his exam. Any info would be appreciated.
He will be DQed because of the stroke. Whether or not he gets a waiver depends on the approval authority.
Four fingers -- I agree with Mohawk

I am not a doctor. Here is a link to the document DoDMERB will use to determine "Q" or "DQ".


Section 27 on page 43 seems relevant to your DS' condition.

DoDMERB does not decide waivers. A "DQ" doesn't necessarily mean it's over. Medical waivers are given for many "DQ" conditions. The circumstances matter in many DQ cases. Whether to grant a medical waiver is up to each SA and/or ROTC medical waiver authority. One may say "yes", the other may say "no".

Best wishes to you and your DS.
Four fingers, it is also possible that the DQ can be cleared by remedials that request additional paperwork from the doctors and not require a waiver.
In other words, have all medical records handy that show his condition(s), treatment, and especially why and when he was "cleared".