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    Hello all,

    I am going to starting college this fall 2012. I have already gotten an associate's degree in Medical Assisting and going to get my bachelors in Nursing while doing the AFROTC program staring in the fall. However, I am a transfer student (coming in a sophomore) and have a couple of questions.

    1. The classes that are listed are ASRR 111, ASRR 112, ASRR 211, and ASRR 212. I know that I have to take ASRR 111 & ASRR 211 but do you guys know if I have to go BACK and take ASRR 112 & ASRR 212?

    2. What exactly happens if you don't get chosen to go to Field Training?

    3. My GPA has never dropped below 3.7 in my current college, if I keep this up and with my degree type, do you know if my chances will be somewhat higher? (I know that I'll do good in PT and such)

    4. What is the basic schedule for Field Training? What happens day to day?

    5. Will you only get issued the blue type uniform in ROTC or will you get a regular uniform?

    6. What happens if you meet the weight requirements but not the measurement requirements?

    Okay, that's all for now. I have more but I feel i've asked a lot (lol). Thanks in advance. Also, i see how some people have answered some questions and they have come off as rude. I want to say that no question is a dumb question and that if you choose to not answer it nicely, please spare me the snide remarks (not being rude, but i do believe in fairness). Thanks again!
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    1.Ask your detachment-they'll have the best answer for you as far as AS classes. Every school lists them differently. Without knowing your situation completely, you'll probably have to take each class listed.

    2.From my understanding, if you don't make it, you can either stay a GMC and try again the next year or leave the program.

    3.I mean, yeah. Having good grades is definitely important.

    4.Don't know this one, I just know crazy long days, PT, and ridiculous amounts of stress.

    5.You'll receive ABUs at some point. I know some detachments wait to hand them out until your second year, but you'll definitely have them before FT.

    6.Don't know, but I'd assume passing the PFT would be difficult.

    Sources-my scholarship info, friends, conversations with a few detachments.
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    Thanks for replying. That info helps me some. :thumb:
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    It is important to understand that in the past few yrs the FT issue has changed a lot.

    Class of 12 (FT 2010) cadets that were not selected typically had a fighting chance to be rolled for next yr FT selection. Class of 13, rollovers were rare, and many were dis-enrolled, no voice in the matter. Class of 14 (current FT cadets), many dets had a min-board and cadets were told before the FT board that they would not be supported for FT., thus the reason for the 90% selection rate. (Cadets dropped voluntarily).

    You are a nursing major, and I would not be worried at all regarding FT selection. Nursing is a critically manned field, thus your major will be taken into account by the FT board.

    FT is academics and Field. It is going to include everything from room and uniform inspections to tests to demonstration of your knowledge taught during the training. You will eat when they say eat, sleep when they say sleep. They confiscate your phone on day 1, so you have no outside contact to the world.

    I am not following the weight/measurement question, are you talking about taping? Taping typically does not occur unless you are not in the weight parameters. For example, DS has been taped every semester for the past 4 yrs. He is 5'10, 147 lbs...too thin. They tape him for that reason. When he went to FT, he was informed a loss of 3-5 lbs would put him in jeopardy of being medically DQ'd at SFT for being too thin. They handed him Ensure everyday to ward off him losing any weight.

    I can't see why taping would occur if you are in the weight parameters.

    As for the blues, they will give them to you right off the bat. Like Blahukahuna stated some will wait to later on for the ABUs. C200's at his det get ABU's.
    ~~~ Make sure you also carve out time in your schedule to polish belt buckles, and shoes. You will be inspected on your uniform. Shoe polishing to get the correct shine can take hours.

    They will also at some point give you AF PT gear, minus sneakers.
    Not being snide, so please don't take it this way, but unless you have done PT at a det, don't assume you will be good.

    Every yr. this board is filled with cadets/mids that had outstanding PFA scores only to get a wake up call and fail at the unit. The reason is simple. FORM. The cadets are incredibly strict on this, and if the form is incorrect you are wasting energy which in turn will result in lower scores across the board.

    The other minor reasons are:
    ~~~ If you only train in great weather, not in high temps and humidity or rain, your score will change. They don't care about the weather. It is scheduled rain or shine, 90 degrees or 32 degrees.

    O Dark thirty
    ~~~ Living in a dorm, going to bed at midnight, and having to be at PT at 5:30 is an issue for some due to sleep deprivation. Again, you don't pick the time/date to do the test like you did for the PFA. They do.

    Good luck, you will do fine.
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    My son didn't get his blues until just before the end of the first semester. His ABU's, I think that's what they are called, didn't arrive until half way through the second semester.

    As far as PT figure 50 push ups and 50 sit ups, each in a minute and a 10 minute 11/2 mile run and you will probably be competitive, if you are a guy. Those numbers are off a bit but they serve as a pretty accurate expectation on what you will probably need to do.

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