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    This isn't my first post here but I would just like to formally say hello! I frequently read these forums and have gathered a tremendous amount of useful advice that has helped me through the ROTC scholarship package. (Still anxiously waiting for results!)

    A little about myself:
    My name is Austin
    I live in a small town in south Texas and am a senior at a tiny high school (>400 students in the whole school, my class has about 71)

    I live with my parents, who are still married and have had ten (10!) children! My father was an enlisted Marine many years ago and was a mechanic on jets. My mother stays home and home schools the younger kids. I have another brother who enlisted for 4 years in the Marine Corps, a brother who is about to be deployed by the National Guard, and a cousin who just finished boot camp for the Army last week!

    I aspire to become an officer in one of the branches, preferably Marine Corps or Army. I also want to attend my dream school, UT Austin, where I've already been accepted.
    My main goals for the future are to serve my country, have a family, and maybe one day direct a full-length feature film.

    In any case, I would like to thank everybody on these boards for all of the input they have provided, it has been of great help!

    God bless,
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    Welcome welcome!!!

    This is a great site, great folks, and a ton of valuable information!

    And, did I mention it, the people are pretty special too!!

    USAFA '83

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