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Hello from Ga.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Naval padre, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. Naval padre

    Naval padre Member

    Sep 29, 2014
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    Father of a 1919 candidate; hailing from Atlanta Ga. Son has submitted his application to USNA and is waiting on MOC nominations. He has done all the work up unitil now and it's hard waiting on the MOC side of things: they seem out of his control. Looking forward to this forum to help me deal with the process; he doesn't know this forum exists
  2. kinnem

    kinnem Moderator 5-Year Member

    Oct 21, 2010
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    If you truly meant 1919 then you must be truly old and in very good health... in which case I'm very jealous! :biggrin:

    Welcome aboard and work plans B, C, D, and E. Hopefully they might include NROTC, with or without an NROTC scholarship. :thumb:

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