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    Hello everyone. I am the mom of a 15 year old female (sophomore). She is interested in serving in the Armed Forces when out of high school. We are currently looking at all options at this time. (Service academy, ROTC, or just enlisting after school). She is a good student and is involved in student council and on the Robotics Team. Last year she ran on the cross country team. Not on any school sports team this fall due to her school being VERY limited in what they offer (only soccer and x ctry). However she will be re joining Karate (not school affiliated). She volunteers at a local nursing home. Also will be joining our local rescue squad once she turns 16.

    She has already informed me she wants to take Math classes over the summer to keep ahead of the game as Math is her weakest subject and understands the Service Academies especially stress math. Science is her strength.

    Schedule this year: Geometry, English Honors, Biology, American History 1 Honors, Medical Sciences (she attends a Vo Tech school), Spanish 2.

    Questions - She did feel a little discouraged at a Service Academy presentation this weekend by a Blue and Gold rep who told her Karate is not a team sport and she should not consider that. When my daughter also brought up possibly joining our local fencing league the lady advised against that. She really stressed the importance of a team sport, which I understand but if not offered in community not sure what do. It was a wonderful presentation and we met and talked with so many wonderful reps of the Academies and local ROTC. Any comments or suggestions?

    Any advice will be welcomed as there is so much to take in.

    We visited West Point this summer and did the tour. Awesome experience for her. She did not want to leave. LOL. Really opened her eyes up to the hard work these kids have done to get there.

    She is very interested in doing something in the Medical field in the service. (Neurology based).

    Thank you all in advance for your suggestions and advice.

    Enjoy the day!!!

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    Can she go out for Soccer, even if she doesn't love it? My kids' school was somewhat limited in their sports selections, but they still played the team sport that was offered each season, even without the passion for the sport. If your DD is getting input from the academy that they really want a team sport, then she should make every effort to play one if her dream really is the academy. JMPO.
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    Just wanted to make sure I read this properly: She ran cross-country freshman year but not this year? Didn't she want to return?

    Also, are there spring sports at the HS? Seems like you only mentioned fall sports?

    It seems to me that team sports are important but not a requirement. Pursuing Karate could bring lots of discipline, martial arts, focus, etc and show a commitment to something. I fully admit that I am not familiar with the academy score sheets so you may want to repost your question on an Academy site or the ROTC site for a wider cast for opinions.

    Good luck!
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    Send her to her local fencing academy!

    I'm not saying that the people who advised you to have her do "team" sports is wrong, but I will say that girls who fence go to college for free - even USAFA. :)

    If she can get a decent rating and some skill in tournaments, it will add to her "resume" and the coach may take notice.

    Lots of successful karate students at the academies and ROTC. Just get in the sport of your choice... NOW.

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