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    I'm the mom of a high school freshman. My son has, since he was about 7 or 8, wanted to serve in the United States Army. When he realized that the Army afforded him the opportunity to both go to college and then serve - he was ecastatic!! So here I am... trying to do everything I can for my child that I am so proud of!! My DS is considering USMA, but also ROTC. My questions are many, mostly ROTC related, as it seems that is harder to navigate! (I'm a former college admissions counselor, which is why I'm starting SO early!!) How do you pick a school for ROTC? It seems each school is different in the opportunity it affords to it's students. Since we live in Ohio, are we relegated to only choosing from Ohio schools? When it comes time for service assignments, does the strength of a school make a difference? I've seen posts on this forum about "Tier 1" schools... how do I learn which schools those are? I'll be honest when I say I'm totally new to the military world... both my DH and I have bachelor's degrees, but we went straight out of HS, got the degree and entered the civilian workforce. So I need all the help I can get, and I'm counting on the benevolence of those in this forum! I'm looking forward to this amazing journey, and getting my DS in exactly the right place for him!! Thank you!!
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    WELCOME!! :yay:

    You've come to a GREAT place for information, ideas, thoughts, FUN, friendship...

    Please join in!!! You'll find so many people in precisely the same position...and all manner of sources of information.

    USAFA '83

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