Hello from the calm before the storm


A new day is dawning. DS, USAFA c/o 2025
Mar 27, 2018
First off I would like to say thank you to all the members and moderators of this informative forum. As our DS prepares for his application process next year, I have learned and put into practice many bits of advice from here. As CAP has taught our DS, a team consists of the mission, the teammates and the leader. It has been vital for me, as a dad, to become part of his team. I learned that here on this forum. We look forward to the next few years and anxiously anticipate DS hopefully joining the USAFA class of 2024. Thank you all again.
Good to hear of more CAP cadets applying (I've been in the Cadet Program for 7 years). Have fun these next couple years!
If I get accepted and your DS gets accepted, he will be yelling at me on I day! :) I'm sorry if that is off topic, but I am new. (I'm in CAP to, by the way). Good luck to your son!
Welcome aboard. Is this son a twin? In what might the sibling be interested?