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    MY son is awaiting news from the Jan 2011 board. He has applied for Army ROTC 4 yr scholarship. He's been accepted at 3 of the schools he's apllied to. The schools are Washington and Jefferson in Washington,PA, Georgetown college in KY and Hampden -Sydney in VA..I have recieved some different info from different sources on when those results may come...one said that it will be next week and one said that nothing will be released until the end of the March boards...MY question,what's the best thing to do at this time..should I send all the deposits to these schools to hold his place? The schools have awarded him some nice scholarships,but as these are expensive schools,he would not be able to attend without the 4 yr rotc award..I am reaaly lost at this point..
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    Welcome to the site! If you have specific questions regarding ROTC, you may want to post them in the ROTC forum where you're most likely to find someone who knows the answer, has been through the same or similar issue, etc. and can help you,

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