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Nov 4, 2007
Hello im mike. I enjoy long walks on the beach and chocolate and.... oops! sorry got a little mixed up there. Anyway, Im trying for a 2012 acceptance at either USMA or USNA. Im from northeast ohio, 17th district! (GO Congressman TIM RYAN!). Ive turned everything in and now im just waiting for the final steps to be completed. fingers crossed! Just a few questions... What is a safe SAT score? I have a 1210, i heard that they want 1300 but collegeboard shows that its possible to get in with less than a 1200. Also, Is it possible to get a nomination from the Congressman but not an acceptance to the Academies? Finally, How important is it to visit the campus?
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ummm, my blue and gold officer was talking just about the Verbal and Math sections as a 1300. My Overall SAT is a 1830. Do i still have a chance?
My bad, I understand now.

As far as whether those scores are good or not, I can't really tell you as I'm not familiar with the current SATs. Somebody else may be able to provide you some direction, I would try posting in one of the service academy-specific forums.
Yes, please post on the Academy specific forums. Also go back and look at some of the past threads. There is a wealth of info there.
Welcome, luv! Congrats on getting those applications finished! :thumb:

Yes, defintely go to the academy specific threads here to ask questions, but here are few quick answers and an opinion:

You can get a nomination from a Member of Congress (MOC) and not get an appointment.

I think visiting USMA and USNA is very important. If at all possible, visit both. USMA has a very nice day long tour available for candidiates. Go to http://admissions.usma.edu/ and click on "candidate tours USMA" at the bottom to schedule a visit. The USNA does not have a comparable tour for candidates but the admissions briefing and the public tour ($8-$9) is worth doing. USNA and USMA both offer overnight visits. USNA invites you once you meet certain criteria and USMA allows you to schedule an overnight once you are offered an appointment or an LOA.

For a look at the SAT scores for the Class of 2011 go to: http://admissions.usma.edu/MoreInfo/classprofile.cfm

Good Luck!!!