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    hey, my name is Ben.
    i am pretty sure that i want to serve in the military. i enjoy sports such as lacrosse swiming, and water skiing. I am a member of the boy scouts and venture scouts. i am a member of a french scrabble team at my high school. i am on the power lifting team at my high school who has won the national championships for the past 5 years and state for the past 9. i also practice jiu jitsu and san shou one a striking martial art one a grappling style. i also am an avid hunter and shooter. i am a member of my high school government. i am in the highest level at one of the best schools in my state where i mantain aroumd a 3.5 gpa (might be lower after this year). i have over 60 volunteer hours from my first 3 semesters and plan on being a life guard this summer. well thats me in a paragraph.
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    Welcome! This is a great place to learn more about the military and to answer some of your questions.
    What year are you?
    Which service(s) are you interested in?
    ROTC or Service Academy?
    Again - glad to have you on board!
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    Welcome, KentuckyKid. My son is also a powerlifter. He competed in high school at the state and national level, and has been on the Air Force Academy powerlifting team. He is now a Firstie (senior) at USAFA and will graduate in May.


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